Program Conditions

CAD does not pay an honorarium or otherwise provide monetary compensation to Fellows, since the Program is an opportunity to learn in situ about Peru’s situation and to broaden research, writing and presentation skills in topics related to CAD’s line of work. Fellows are expected to cover their expenses traveling to and from Lima as well as their housing, local transportation and incidentals while living in Peru. At individual Fellow’s request, CAD will assist Fellows in securing a grant or other type of funding opportunities.

All Fellows will be based in CAD’s office in Lima, except for those Legal Fellows placed with our partner law firms. CAD will provide Fellows with pleasant, modern office space (including high speed, wireless internet) and an enjoyable work environment with a diverse, innovative, and very collegial staff. Fellows will be assigned their own CAD email accounts upon arrival. Fellows are requested to bring their own laptops.

CAD Staff are an amazingly knowledgeable, hard-working, and friendly group of people who welcomed us with gusto - my stay in Lima wouldn´t have been the same without them! (Margaret Price, SRF 2010)

What I will remember most was the friendly atmosphere and strong camaraderie of the office. Every day I was invited to lunch with my co-workers and recruited to take weekend trips with them into the surrounding countryside. There was a concerted effort by CAD staff to welcome me and make sure that I was comfortable and having a fulfilling experience both professionally and personally. (John Dalebroux, SRF 2010)

Fellows are expected to take care of and pay for their housing arrangements. CAD can provide logistical support in locating safe, affordable short term housing.

I couldn’t have asked for a better housing situation in Lima—a large room in a house overlooking the ocean in a safe neighborhood close to work. I enjoyed hearing all about the interesting lives of my host family, and living with them helped me improve my Spanish, too. (Nathan Swinton, SRF 05)

I stayed in a house right across the street from Pacific Ocean views, near the nicest neighborhoods in Lima and within biking distance from work. (Jeffrey Purdie, SRF 05)

CAD does not provide medical insurance, nor cover the cost of medical treatment and prevention. It is important that Fellows arrange medical insurance covering their stay in Peru.